RABY HUNT | about James Close – Chef / Patron
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James is a little different from other chefs.  He has not gone through the usual route of formal training nor is he a disciple of another chef.
He is completely self taught.
He trained himself through pure passion, obsession and determination, by avidly reading books and travelling the world visiting restaurants to learn different flavours and techniques.
He bought the Raby Hunt in 2009 and being totally driven and passionate gained his first Michelin star in 2012 and the second in 2017.
He recently married Maria who joined the Raby Hunt team 8 years ago as his  pastry chef , she is equally driven and passionate and together they are an even stronger force,  travelling, visiting markets and sourcing the best suppliers of world class ingredients, to create their ever-evolving Global Menu of today.

A Live Interview With James Close